It wasn't long after the restructuring of the post HELP album on ELCO that the band was left without the support from the record company. Once again I went in search of new musicians to continue the quest. It wasn't long before I found a great guitarist in Steve North. I joined his group "Britton" in 1973.

Michael Haggard on Guitar and Harmonica, David Fergueson on Drums, Me (Don) on Bass and Steve North on Lead Guitar.

Steve North with his Fender Strat was the sound that caught my interest and from that moment on He and I were a team.

Not long after that Steve and I found Rod Courtney on Keyboards and Steve Marston on Drums that HELP was reborn. Now remember, that the band was named HELP before the Decca record conflict which in turn caused ELCO Records to rename our band AZITIS, which was suppose to be the name of the album. Even dispite the Trademark claim we had, eventually we were convinced to change the name to AZITIS when it came to CD manufacturing. But from 1975 until 2000 we stayed with the name HELP.

The sound was right and the time too, it didn't take long for the song list to grow. It was during this time frame 1974 that "WIndow Into In" was written and ultimately arranged by the group to be recorded. It served as my Masters project in Communications, at the University of California in Sacramento. Several tours and lots of live performances of this rock opera over time, but never to be released on vinyl except for a single with two of the finale songs. This was before CD's...

Shortly after the last Window Into In tour, Steve Marston left the group and we brought back Steve Nelson on Drums. It wasn't long before we recorded all the songs Steve and I had written years before. Now the search for a new label to publish. Competition was severe with groups such as Electric Light Orchestra, Styx. REO, and many others being signed. We just couldn't be in the right place at the right time. Not long after that, Rod Courtney had a traffic accident and we had to find a temp to replace him.

This was the group now with Don Kozel on Keyboard. We had been reduced to doing club acts and tours were not the same. Concerts were few and far between. Live music was being taken over by Discos. Only a few bars and clubs were hiring live music. Times were lean, so it wasn't long before this group dissolved too.

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