Don Lower, Michael Welch, Dennis Sulliven and Steve Nelson

By 1969, the band had reached a level of quality that necessitated the production of recorded music. The enormous volume of original songs made it difficult to choose which to produce. After many performances and audiance reactions, two compositions were chosen and a date was reserved for the recording session. Pictures were taken for the cover, as it was decided that our first single (45rpm) would be special.

A symbol was chosen to represent Christianity, piercing the earth. It was the theme for our earlier work. The invention of christian faith was overshadowing the other philosophies of mankind. Our message was, all religions give us hope and faith in our fellow man. The only solution for a crowded planet.

Little did we know, at that time, we would be plagued by the continual disappearance of Dennis. Some say success is harder to handle than defeat, and this was true in Dennis's case. He kicked us all, as he abandoned our quest, time and time again. Believe in OM, but pay attention to the signs along the pathway.