"And the clouds surround us all"...Don Lower (From "Always Flowing"...Post ELCO Recording) Art Work by James Gardner, Instructor at American River College, in Sacramento California

"'Creation' starts off with a dissonant organ crescendo, chanting, and wah-wah guitar. 'The Prophet' and 'From This Place' both reach frenzied intense peaks, while 'Hope To Save' brings in piano and acoustic guitar for a melodic ballad. Thematically, it covers a number of topics: creation, the fall, judgement day, and revelation." Ken Scott, Jesus

AZITIS/HELP signed with ELCO Records (now defunct, all masters and copies surrendered to Don Lower in 1976) Sina G Music Publishing Co. (BMI) also surrendered all rights and ownership to MoDo Publishing (BMI)...P.O.Box 109, Palo Cedro CA 96073, at the same time.

With the Supervision of Roger Hamilton Spotts, engineers, LaMont Bench and R.S. Owens, at the Pavillion Studio's Inc. of Vallejo, California, the HELP album took shape. The arrangements followed a continuous path, only interrupted by the mandatory spaces between songs,(to the disappointment of the group, since re-mastered with no spaces between songs). Tells the story of Christian Mythology from Creation to Judgement. Designed as a "Rock Opera". Another first.


"AZITIS/Help, is a stunning West Coast styled U.S. religious/mystical/psyche Brute" Delerium Records, England

"There are probably fewer than ten oldies in existance that would get the official Ken Scott 5-star rating, and AZITIS is one of them. Every song is a winner here; strong melodies, gentle vocals, and moody passages with swirly organ that sound like they were lifted out of the middle of 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida'." Ken Scott, Jesus Music Org.

With a run of 1000 copies stopped due to Dennis Sullivan, who was suddenly struck with the smell of success, and fled from the group, leaving no reason or explanation. The band and the recording company were left scrambling for ways to salvage the production. It resulted in company losses, and contributed to it's eventual closure. The remaining three went on to add a new member, piecing together a solid group, but too late to keep the momentum going.

Collectors have discovered this album and it has become a much sought after collectible. The on-line business EBAY has seen many LP's sold in the past few years. In fact the highest bid as of December 9, 2004 was made/sold to a British collector for the bid of $1401.00 outbidding a Japanese collector in the final seconds of the auction. Who would have thought?

Out in February 2000
Re-published from the 1970 Vinyl release on ELCO Records. Bonus Tracks "Question Why" and "Life Worth Living" from the custom Capitol Records release earlier.

Out in Summer 2010
Previously unreleased in it's entirity, "Window Into In" the 1975 LP on CD by MODO Publishing BMI, PO Box 109, Palo Cedro, CA 96073



The addition of Zeke Nuez, not only added a strong keyboardist, but also strong woodwinds, to the new sound. The group worked new material into the show, and toured without the support of a discouraged record company. Finances, were strained, and soon this group was dissolved. Mike Welch moved back to Chattanooga Tenn. and Steve and Don, stayed in close contact, later to regrouped with another solid musical group.