With the cover ready, the music tuned to the highest level, it was off to Los Angeles. Capitol Records, Hollywood. Studio B.

All packed into my 1968 Ford Econoline Van, we traveled from Sacramento to Los Angeles. We stayed at Michael's Aunt's home, in Santa Monica. Our session began early Saturday morning, we were jazzed, and ready.

I'm your Host, Don Lower, seen hear playing my Fender Jazz Bass. It was stolen from me in 1970 in Sacramento. It's Jet Black with a large mickey Mouse sticker on the back...Does anyone have it... I'd love to buy it back...

Michael on Guitars and Steve on Percussion

Dennis on keyboards and Steve setting up his drums.

More Don...Wendy Brown, his girlfriend, was the photographer.

All of us doing the vocal tracks

Steve and I doing the Lead Vocals on "Questions Why"

Jack Manchen, our engineer, and all of us doing mixdowns

The finished product. There were 1000 pressed. It got moderate airplay, but never was distributed nationally. It served to further our progress towards our first album. I still have about 20 copies.